INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT BRIEF B UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER UG STRESSBUSTER APP Business & Marketing Students Context for Individual Assignment: BRIEF B UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER UG STRESSBUSTER APP – Business & Marketing Students The University of Westminster / UoW is looking to launch a STRESSBUSTER APP for its Business / Marketing Undergraduates. Initially, the University of Westminster commissioned an exploratory project (based on secondary data collection / desk research) to produce an overview of the type of Stressbuster apps used in general. However, some new secondary data has been made available and a query has arisen which you (as a research executive working for an Agency specialising in work with students in Central London) have been asked to answer – Task One in the Individual Assessment (refer to Page 4). The University is now planning the second phase of the project which will involve a series of Focus Groups among UoW business / marketing undergraduates. The University wants to explore in detail the expectations UG students have and their specific requirements and preferences for their UG Stressbuster app. There will be three Focus Groups – each with between 6-8 participants / Undergraduate students from a range of business / marketing courses delivered at the Marylebone Campus. Hence, there will be one Focus group with First Year Undergraduates; the second with Second Year Undergraduates; and the third with Final Year undergraduates. Thus, in your role as a research executive, you have been asked to produce the discussion guide and some moderator instructions for one of three focus groups in Task Two (detailed in the following section – Page 4). Please note there is no requirement to actually complete the Focus Group!!!! Finally, there has been some discussion on whether it is necessary to support the findings from the UG Focus group research with a quantitative survey. Thus, you are asked to prepare a reply to an email on this topic – Task Three (detailed in the following section – page 4). Brief B – INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT: Task One [worth 30%] From the exploratory phase (referred to above), a data set was obtained (through initial secondary / desk research) that requires evaluation – refer to APPENDIX A on Page 8. You (in your role as a marketing research executive) are required to produce a summary (of no more than 300 words) which indicates what the data is saying / not saying i.e. isolate and interpret and summarise the key findings in the data. Brief B – INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT: Task Two [worth 50%] You have been asked to prepare a Topic Guide – list of the discussion topics to be covered in a one-hour Focus Group (for either the Focus Group with First Years or the Focus Group with Second Years or the Focus group with Third Years). [Please indicate in your submission which Focus Group you are preparing the Topic Guide for.] You must use at LEAST ONE PROJECTIVE TECHNIQUE in the Topic Guide. Additionally, you are asked to include in the Topic Guide the key themes / topics / issues that the moderator / facilitator should pay attention to. Note: The maximum number of words for this Task is 500 words Brief B – INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT: Task Three [worth 20%] You have been asked to respond (in a maximum of 200 words) to the following email from the client (University of Westminster): We (University of Westminster) have been asked to clarify to the Board why the qualitative study will not provide enough valid data on which to base a decision on the UG Stressbuster app. and a quantitative study is needed. GUIDANCE NOTES FOR COMPLETING THE INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT • Each Task has very specific requirements. Hence ensure you understand what is required and focus on what you have been asked to do. • Each Task has a different maximum number of words (Task One = 300 words; Task Two = 500 words; Task Three = 200 words). Please include a word count at the end of each Task • You can use diagrams, tables, visual representations (which are not part of the word count but must be labelled sourced and used) for each Task. • It is useful to start each task on a new page / sheet of A4 • Create a professional document for this submission using a reporting format

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