“Index Crime and Typologies Scenario” Please respond to the following: In Week 5, you studied…

Index Crime and Typologies Scenario” Please respond to the following:

In Week 5, you studied violent crimes. The scenario depicted a violent crime that had taken place. That crime was a robbery. Based on your information learned from the lesson, answer the following questions:
    Use the material from the lesson to justify why this incident has been classified as a robbery. Explain whether or not another crime took place during this robbery. Justify your explanation.
    Refer back to the types of robbers, and determine what type of robber committed this offense. Justify your answer. Use the information you have learned, and identify at least three factors that played a role in this offense, based on the crime type.

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CRJ105 – Week 5 Scenario Index Crime and Typologies Slide # Slide Title Dialogue 01 Introduction No dialogue 02 “We just got a Outside Police department call about a robbery down Sergeant: You’re doing well so far. I’m proud of your the street.” perseverance. I know this job can be tough sometimes. We just received a call to respond to a robbery that took place a short time ago. The robbery happened at one of the local stores down the street. Are you ready to take some good notes? Let’s go. 03 Questioning Outside convenience store the Victim Sergeant: I’m Sergeant Jones and this is my intern. We got a call about a robbery. Are you okay? Do you need medical attention? Store clerk: No, I’m fine. Just a little knot on my head. Sergeant: We’ll get an EMT out here to check on you just to be safe. Tell me what happened, please. Store clerk: I got robbed! Sergeant: Okay, okay, sir. Calm down. Let’s start at the beginning and just take your time. Taking it step by step, give me the details as you remember them. Store clerk: [ Sighs ] Okay. I was getting ready to close the store and this guy comes in and starts tapping on the door and says he has to come get something real quick. I told him to hurry up and I let him in. I was busy doing my wrap-up, counting the– the cash drawer. He was over by the drinks, taking his time. I told him to hurry up and get what he needed so I could–I could close up. He started to walk up to the register, but I didn’t – Ididn’t pay any attention. I looked up and he was pulling a ski mask over his face and he told me to give him the money or he was going to blow me away! [ Store clerk calming down ] He had his hand in his pocket. I don’t know if he had a gun, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I gave him the–the money from the register. Then he wanted– he wanted more money. I told him that was all I had. He pulled out his–he pulled his hand out of his pocket and hit me…

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