The paper is about the ICCs (International Criminal Courts) contributions to international law. Below I will quote the expectations of the lecturer: “The question “what are the ICC’s contributions to the international law” must surely be answered in the first place through consideration of the ICC’s jurisprudence. To what extent has that jurisprudence expanded upon or clarified international criminal responsibility? To what extent has it clarified or expanded upon international procedural law? Beyond this, to what extent has the existence of the ICC prompted domestic legal reform? In what sense? To what extent are there still gaps in this work, and work to do? Approaching the topic in with these kinds of questions in mind will allow you to focus on much more concrete, evidence-driven issues, and avoid simply making grand statements in thin air. You don’t need to stay at the level of big picture statements not grounded in technical realities. Instead, consider how an institution (in this case ICC) actually works and in light of that, provide a really substantial comment on the contributions of the ICC, and its shortcomings. In short, this is a legal not a policy paper!” These expectations must be fulfilled. Furthermore, it is of upmost importance to answer the questions of the lecturer by analyzing the ICCs jurisprudence and focusing on some case studies. As you will see in the attached introduction file, there is no need to deliver a comprehensive analysis on all the decisions of the court. Focus on some case studies and reach a conclusion by analyzing them thoroughly. The main objective and position of the paper should be to substantiate the claim that the ICC significantly contributes to the institutionalization of International Criminal Law (ICL) and thereby has a positive impact on international law (IL) (even though there are some shortcoming)! Please keep that in mind. It would be also great if you could work with the already written intorduction and if necessary improve it. You must not include everything from the introduction part but it would be nice if some of the ideas were to be included.

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