In order to access e-Book Introduction to Criminal Justice go to go to book shelf.

In order to access e-Book Introduction to Criminal Justice go to go to book shelf Log on ID PSW Tyler@2005. 250 word count

The Despondent Male Scenario” Please respond to the following:

· In Week 3, you were exposed to early psychological theory. The scenario included a male who has had a difficult time over the past year. It is time to consider potential origins of the male’s criminal behavior.

o The male spent some time documenting his offenses in the scenario. Based on what you learned in Chapter 5 (early and classical theory), determine whether or not any of the early or classical theories explain his offending. Explain which ones and why.

o You also learned about biological and psychological theory in Chapter 6. Based on your learning, determine whether or not any of the biological or psychological theories explain the male’s criminality. Explain which ones and why.

o If you had a chance to ask the male questions about his life in order to further determine the origins of criminality, identify what you might ask and why.

Document Preview:

CRJ105 – Week 3 Scenario The Despondent Male Slide # Slide Title Dialogue 01 Introduction No dialogue 02 “We got a call Sergeant’s Office about a suspicious Sergeant: I hope everything is going well for you so male in an far. Are you ready to ride around and get a feel for alleyway.” the road? We just got a call about a suspicious male in an alleyway. Let’s go. Patrol Car Sergeant: The caller stated that the male was pacing around in the alleyway and cursing loudly. She saw him with an object in his hand that he had shoved into his waistband, but doesn’t know if it’s a weapon or not. I advised dispatch that we would take the call. The alleyway is right down the road here. Since our department is taking a new approach to crime prevention, make sure to take good notes on his offense and possibly other offenses to come. Let’s see if we can identify where these offenses originated with this guy. I’ll talk to him and you just observe and see if you can piece things together. There he is. Let’s talk to him and see what he’s doing out here. 03 The Alleyway Despondent Male Sergeant: Hello, sir. I need to speak to you. Can you come and talk to me? Make sure that I can see your hands. You don’t have anything that will hurt us do you? Male: No. Sergeant: Any weapons? Male: No, sir.Sergeant: What’s this? Male: Just my phone. Sergeant: Can I please see some identification? Male: Sure. Here you go, sir. Sergeant: What are you doing out here? Male: My wife kicked me out… I got nowhere to go. Uh, It’s a long story. Sergeant: We have plenty of time. What’s going on? Male: Well, it all started about a year ago. I–I’ve been in trouble before. I used to break into places and steal. I’m not sure why I did it, but–but I did. Maybe it was the drugs and stuff. But I knew what I was doing. I just wanted to get out of that life. I met my wife. We got married. We had a kid. I was so happy. The only…

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