In no more than 1000 words (not including references) write a critical essay providing an..

n no more than 1000 words (not including references) write a critical essay providing an analysis of a case study on drugs. Choose your case study from the following options:
Race, K. 2011. ‘Chapter 2: Party animals: The significance of drug practices in the materialisation of urban gay identity’ in Fraser and Moore (eds), 2011. The Drug Effect: Health, Crime and Society.

Use the following questions to guide you in writing your essay.
What issues are raised by your case study?
How do they relate to topics covered in class and weekly readings so far?
What are the complex social processes and relations that surround the production and consumption of drugs?

Document Preview:

TheDrug Effect Health,crimeandsociety The Drug Effect: Health, crime and society offers new perspectives on critical debatesinthe?eldofalcoholandotherdruguse.Drawingtogetherworkby respectedscholarsinAustralia,theUS,theUKandCanada,itexploressocial andculturalmeaningsofdruguse,andanalyseslawenforcementandpublic healthframeworksandobjectivesrelatedtodrugpolicyandserviceprovision. In doing so, it addresses key questions of drug use and addiction through interdisciplinary, predominantly sociological and criminological, perspec- tives, mapping and building on recent conceptual and empirical advances in the ?eld. These include questions of materiality and agency, the social constitutionofdiseaseandneo-liberalsubjectivityandresponsibility. Acknowledging the changing national and international drug policy ter- rain,TheDrugEffectcoversadiversearrayofdrugtypesandpopulations.The bookisorganisedintothreesections–druguseassocialandculturalprac- tice; health and the medicalisation of addiction; and drugs, crime and the law–whichre?ectstandarddivisionsinorganisingresearchandteachingon druguse.Theintentioninthisvolume,however,isto‘trouble’thesedivisions andtheassumptionsbehindthem,offeringindividualpiecesandanoverar- ching critical analysis that can be used both as a research resource and as a teachingtool. Suzanne Fraser is Associate Professor in the Centre for Women’s Studies andGenderResearch,SchoolofPoliticalandSocialInquiry,FacultyofArts, MonashUniversity.ShealsoholdsaresearchappointmentwiththeNational DrugResearchInstituteatCurtinUniversity. DavidMooreisProfessorintheNationalDrugResearchInstitute,Faculty ofHealthSciencesatCurtinUniversity.