In line with the idea behind attending the teaching demonstrations, I’d like you to individually reflect on and describe positive learning experiences you’ve had during your time as a student at the University of Georgia

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Task: Provide a detailed description of a specific, positive learning experience you’ve had at UGA and explain why it was a positive experience for you. Your description should include: classroom setting, topic, expected learning outcome, summary of the experience. Basically, what did good learning look like when you experienced it? Your reflection section should explain why it was a positive learning experience for you. Basically, why do you think that learning experience was good?

Grading criteria: Need to write about two positive learning experiences to earn points which I expect to be about 2 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font. Point breakdown will be:

  • Experience description – 3 total points
    • Classroom setting, topic, expected learning outcome – 1 point
    • Summary of experience – 2 points
  • Reflection on experience – 2 points

Failure to include all components described above will result in the loss of points.

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