Implementing a Global Business Technology

Strategy Planning Policies and Procedures to Align with Strategy, Short- and Long-term Strategic Initiatives You are a management consultant who has been commissioned by an organization to produce a report on the conditions necessary to successfully implement a global business strategy plan. The organization has recently identified extensive changes in technology and business dynamics in the markets it serves (you select a country for your scenario), and the organization’s plan is to enter a “new” country (you must select a country different from the one in which you reside). The senior management team wants you to assess its current strategy and to produce a realistic strategy and development plan for entering the new market. The strategy will be based on your review of the organization’s industry, product, or service, and it must be supported by your findings from research of relevant theories and models. * Recommended: -Park, J., Lee, K., & Kim, P. S. (2016). Participative management and perceived organizational performance: The moderating effects of innovative organizational culture. Public Performance & Management Review, 39(2), 316-336. – Chulu, B. (2015). Perpetual betterising: A grounded upgrading of disruptive innovation theory resolving co-dependent socio-economic main concerns. Grounded Theory Review, 14(2), 34-54. – Ibrahim, R., Boerhannoeddin, A., & Kayode, B. K. (2017). Organizational culture and development: Testing the structural path of factors affecting employees’ work performance in an organization. Asia Pacific Management Review, 22(2), 104-111.

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