Immune System Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases and Disorders

 Objectives Identify the anatomical structures of the immune system Describe how immunity works Explain how the immune system contributes to the homeostasis of the body Describe selected immune system diseases and disorders Describe issues and changes related to the immune system at different points in the lifespan Assignment Overview In this writing assignment, you explore the anatomical structures of the immune system and how immunity is affected by diseases and disorders. Deliverables  Step 1 Research one disease or disorder of the immune system. ( do not  submit on leukemia. Type I diabetes is acceptable, but not the best choice. If you do your paper on diabetes, the emphasis should be on the immune system aspect of it, not the complications of the disease.) Research an immune system disorder or disease. Write a paper that addresses the following directions: Describe the disease including the causes, signs and symptoms, diagnostic procedures, and potential treatment. Describe the immune system and other organs that are involved or damaged by the disease or disorder. Describe how the immune system works and how it malfunctions in this disease or disorder. Relate it to the normal functioning of immunity. Identify how this disease interferes with the homeostasis of the body. Explain whether this disease is prevalent in a particular phase or age of life.

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