Identifying and analyzing a problem;Trinity [Carrie-Anne Moss].

 Description “I was looking for an answer. It’s the question that drives us…” — Trinity [Carrie-Anne Moss], The Matrix It’s one thing to make a claim, but identifying a real problem in the world and arguing for a solution to it is a radically different undertaking. The task for this Quest, which is worth up to 200 points, is to take the first step on that road, which is to identify and analyze a problem. Select a problem in your community, something that is bigger than just you and your immediate family. In a researched essay of at least 1500 words, you need to define this problem and explain why it is important to address it. The essay must draw upon at least 3 research sources that help you to explain the background and context surrounding the problem, what its deep or root cause(s) may be, and the consequences or effects that it has in the world. Your problem can be global, national, regional, or local, but it must be something current that can be addressed with real-world solutions. NOTE that you do not need to provide solutions at this time, although if there are any solutions already underway, you can discuss those as part of the analysis of the problem. Again, this essay must be at least **1500 words in length, must include at least 3 outside sources, and must be formatted according to the guidelines of the MLA (8th edition).

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