Identify your state and federal legislators.

Identify your state and federal legislators. Federal legislators can be located on the U.S. government websites listed. You must find your state legislators on your own state’s government websites. In your career as an advanced practice nurse (APRN), you must advocate local and federal issues to the right legislator or lobbyist. State legislators’ primary offices are located in your state capitol. Federal legislators’ primary offices are located in Washington, DC. Federal legislators do have offices in multiple sites in your state. Please select a health care policy topic.
Use the questions below to inform your writing. Use APA format for this paper, include title and reference pages.
Keep your answers clear, cogent, and concise.
Who are YOUR state and federal legislators (representatives/senators)?
Are any of your legislators on committees that relate to your topic? Which committees are they on (for example, House Committee on House-Professional Registration and Licensing)?
Does your state have a Regional Action Coalition to implement the recommendations of The Future of Nursing?
For your selected health care policy topic, use current articles (less than or equal to five years old).
Create three to five speaking points to start a conversation with your legislator/representative: (a) background on the topic using statistics; (b) relevance of topic to patients/constituents in his/her district; (c) the role the APRN and this topic; and (d) identify needed policy changes to improve outcomes. Support each speaking point with citation/reference/source such as Health Affairs, Wall Street Journal, and others.
TOPIC:Disease Prevention/Health Promotion Initiatives

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