i need help with this bio lab 131 its about Meiosis they are 2 activities

I’m working on a Biology question and need guidance to help me study.

We will cover only

activities 1 and 2


Activity 1 is very similar to the mitosis activity you did last week. All you need

to do is use the power point and pg189 to describe meiosis

Meiosis actually consists of two rounds of cell division which are depicted in

the next two slides for you to reference

Meiosis is the process by which sex cell (egg and sperm cells) are generated.

During this process homologous chromosomes are separated and resulting in

genetically diverse sex cells

The assignment

Either print this power point out, write your answers on it, scan it and upload it

Or type (or write) your answers clearly in a separate document and upload

Or clearly submit a text entry on canvas

Include activities 1 and 2 as one submission together please

Please upload or enter your assignment onto Canvas (

note i attache to you the homeowrk and other stuff maybe will helps u

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