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  1. “Lullaby” is a story about a Laguna Pueblo woman.

2 points


  1. Leslie Marmon Silko is from what tribe?
    A. Mvskoke
    B. Dine
    C. Chippewa
    D. Laguna Pueblo

2 points


  1. In “Fleur,” a group of men get angry with the main character. Why did they get angry?
    A. They thought she worked too long one day
    B. She beat them in poker
    C. They didn’t like her smile
    D. She joined their poker game without asking

2 points


  1. What is Misshepeshu?
    A. A Navajo chant
    B. A Laguna Pueblo spirit
    C. A Chippewa water spirit
    D. A Chippewa chant

2 points


  1. Joy Harjo is from what tribe?
    A. Mvskoke
    B. Dine
    C. Laguna Pueblo
    D. Chippewa

Discussion Board 5: Discuss Harjo Options Menu: Forum

Write a post of at least 200 words in which you discuss what you think is the meaning of one of the sets of horses in the poem.

Joy Harjo

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