I have already done the research for the journals and i will upload all of them.this is due..

I have already done the research for the journals and i will upload all of them.this is due sunday the 24th of Jan
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MSc (Project Management) PRJM6006 Project Management Research Assignment 2: Draft Literature Review • Value: 80% • Date submitted: week 11, 24 January 2016, 23.59 Assignment Aims: You are required to produce a coherent and well-structured draft literature review for your chosen research topic. The assignment is intended to signi?cantly assist your progress in Project Management Research 642. A well considered and presented draft will require fewer and less signi?cant re-writes in second semester to bring it to a standard acceptable for inclusion in your ?nal report (you should be aware that it is normal for draft literature reviews submitted this semester to require at least two or three further revisions in second semester). Assignment Tasks Produce a draft literature review of between 5000 and 7000 words. Include tables and figures as appropriate and fully reference the work in the Chicago style. Format Your submission must have a cover page (details later), a contents page and a list of references in the Chicago style. The submission must be on A4 paper and be formatted as follows: • Font size 11 at one-and-a-half line spacing • 4.0 cm margin on left and 2.5 cm margin on right and top and bottom Pages are to be numbered in the top right corner. Use quotation marks for all quotations of no more than four lines of copy. Longer quotations should be inset, single-spaced and have no quotation marks. Ensure typing, grammar and punctuation are of a high standard and all typing errors are corrected. Continuous pagination is to be used throughout the main body of text (the cover, contents and list of references pages should be discontinuous pagination). © Curtin University, 2012 Page 1 / 1! Department of Construction Management (17/11/15)MSc (Project Management) PRJM6006 Project Management Research Use bold type rather than underlining for emphasis, but keep such emphasis to a minimum. The literature review should have a heading in…