I am in an organic chemistry course at the University of Michigan and we are studying different redox reactions.

Chemistry 215HChemistry of Vitamin Bo (pyridoxine or pyridoxol)On page 535 of your text, some of the chemistry of pyridoxal-5′-phosphate, a derivative ofthe aldehyde form of Vitamin B6, is presented.HO.-HOHOHOHHOHOCH 3CH3CH3pyridoxine or. oxidationpyridoxolpyridoxalpyridoxal-5′-phosphate (PLP)not biologically activeactive coenzyme formQ1: The Pyridoxal structure shown above constitutes only a small fraction ofwhat exists in solution; in large part, this structure is in equilibrium with whatother structure? Show its mechanism of formation from and decompositionback to pyridoxal under acidic conditions.Q2: On the top of page 536 in your text, the combination of an amino acidwith the bound PLP-enzyme imine to produce a new imine is shown. Thereaction scheme is redrawn below using a specific amino acid (aspartate).Propose a machanism for this transformation, which only involves the use ofa general acid/base catalyst under acid conditions.EnzymeHHeOHOHCH 3NCH3HThere will be an in-class quiz related to this chemistry next week,Winter 2020 SSG46Chem 215HH

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