Human development

The Topic is Human Development choosing one development from Eric Ericson which i have to focus on toddlers.
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Confirm client developmental status – CHCLD415A Assessment 1 Research and analyse a developmental stage Date due Week 6 Status Graded (Must Pass) Length/duration 1000 – 1500 words Participation Individual You will choose a development stage of human development to research. In this research you will need to cover: Describe the developmental stage, which age, what are the major changes during this stage and how you might identify a person being in that particular stage Analyse and describe one theorist relevant to this stage of this development and describe what this theorist notes as the most important factors of this stage Describe an issue that could occur in this lifespan stage and describe how you could identify that this is not part of ‘normal’ development. Describe how you would identify this issue and what steps you could take as a worker to help this person and/or its family overcome this issue. Discuss your referral options, where would you refer this person to (and/or its family), to which agency and why? Confirm Client Developmental Status- CHCLD415A Research and Analyse a Development Stage