Statements 1. Staffing issues associated with the fair selection, treatment, discipline and termination of employees are critical problems related to ethics, especially in today’s work environment. Many world events and changes in media and communications have brought ethical concerns to the watchful eyes of business critics. 2. In addition to direct compensation (salary), companies offer prospective employees certain benefits and services to attract them; meanwhile current employees are offered these benefits and services to help make them more productive during their employment or to address their needs, such as security in old age. 3. It is important for international businesses to understand intercountry differences in order to recruit, train and maintain international employees and avoid potential HR problems. Requirement – Content Explain and critically discuss one of the above statements, reflecting academically on the HRM practices of some contemporary organization of your choice, and using examples to support your argument. Requirement – Format Your research project should be compiled in a written report, documenting the nature of the project, its objectives, the team work dynamics and the actual findings linked to the theoretical material of the course. The work must be word-processed and must not exceed 2500 words. Your work should include the cover sheet for this assignment (it is available on Black Board). The font type used for this report must be ‘Times New Roman’ with a font size of 12. Line spacing of paragraphs should be 1.5. – the chosen company ( Facebook )

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