How Would Marriott Benefit by Accepting Bitcoin as a Payment Mode,Bitcoin refers to a cryptocurrency and a global payment system. In other words, Bitcoin is a decentralized form of a digital coinage that works without the single administrator or the centr

Please Remove all those Tables, apparently they were useless. I failed the course and this is my last chance to submit and pass. Here is the feedback, please read carefully and add all the things he asked. Self made Graph is crucial I had a look at your new paper and would ask you to do the following. Your topic is all about how Marriot would benefit from Bitcoin. Please also show a link between Marriot and cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin in your graphs ? What has been the experience so far for Marriot with cryptocurrencies (if any) ? Have they done any billing experiences with cryptos so far ? Do they accept any cryptos? What has been the amount of Marriott crypto transactions? These are the graphs which would very interesting for the reader. If there are no data available, I would take it from this angle. Which is the Marriot customer segmentation and what kind of cryptos do these customers use in other markets? Do they use already cryptos (and which) as payment system for their transactions? By analyzing this, you could deduct by analogy that this purchasing behavior would also apply when they are Marriot guests … You see, don’t just limit your graphs and data to the Bitcoin and US$ markets but also try to make a link with the Marriot hotel itself. In this case, you really show the added value of Bitcoin for the hospitality industry, in your case Marriott. Ideal would be to show this in ca 10 self-made graphs.

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