How does cardiac resynchronization therapy improve heart failure?

Chapter 35 care of the patients with cardiac problems 1. What are the dlinical manifestations of digoxin toxicity? 2 What are beta-adrenergic blockers how do they work how do they improve the patients cardiac function and what do you instruct the patient about the medication? 3. How does continuous positive airway pressure improves heart failure? 4. How does cardiac resynchronization therapy improve heart failure? 5. How does gene therapy play a role in heart failure? What does ventricular assistive devices do for heart failure? 6. Explain heart reduction surgery and what role it plays with heart failure? B. What are the nursing interventions and teaching for this patient? 7. What are your heart failure self-management teaching with medications activity weight diet and symptoms? What is the most effective education method to provide heart failure education to heart failure patents? Make sure you review the indications of worsening or recurrent heart failure as well as drug therapy for patient and family education you also want to review the Nutrition Therapy and understand and know your advance directive information. 10. What is the outcomes are the expected outcomes for the heart failure person? VALVULAR HEART DISEASE Know the following Mitral stenosis Mitral regurgitation Mitral valve prolapse Aortic stenosis Aortic regurgitation What is your assessment for these patients? What testing would do you expect to be ordered? What is your management when it comes to drugs therapy?
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