How do racial stereotypes contribute to institutionalized racism or white privilege?… contribute to

Assignments – 10% ea.–ASSIGNMENT No. 3 – Due Thurs Dec 4

Choose One (1) of these questions to answer:

1) A) How do racial stereotypes contribute to institutionalized racism or white privilege? B) Based on your experience of institutions, have you experienced institutionalized racism or benefited from privilege?

2) C) What are three ways that Canadian culture & society privileges heteronormativity? D) Based on your experience to what degree does popular culture present sex & sexuality in a healthy, open & honest manner.

Purpose:To engage with answering questions based on our text and learn general university-level writing skills. For this assignment:

a) Begin with an opening paragraph; tell the reader what you’re doing to do.

b) Answer ONE question. Each has two parts—answer both.

c) Finish off with a concluding paragraph, highlighting an aspect of the material your found interesting, surprising, confusing, etc.

d) Include at least one properly referenced quote from our text. Use ASA ref style or the ref style of your major.

Format: 2-3 pages + title page +reference page. Double spaced; 12 pt Times Roman font; 1” margins. Include your name, course name, number, professor’s name, etc. Staple Your Assignment. Keep an electronic copy. Emailed assignments cannot be accepted.


1) Proper Formatting & referencing – 1 mark.

2) Introductory paragraph – 1 marks.

3) Answer to part A – 5 marks.

4) Answer to part B – 5 marks.

5) Concluding paragraph – 2 marks.
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