How can we be 100% sure that great powers intervene in disputes out of pure moral interests?”

1) In the beginning of your paper write a brief summary of the article. Please provide a summary that does not just rephrase some parts of the article, but that include overall information of the whole article. (This should be less than a half page)

2) Just write “1.” and write your answer to the questions and article critiques of Student 1.
Write your own ideas, explanations, and answers to the questions.
You cannot just write your ideas and anwers without any supporting explanation, details, and evidence. 
You should provide enough supporting evidences, details, and examples for your answers and ideas. 
Your answer must be based on the article. You should answer them after reading the article. After reading the article, you should answer to the questions based on the information you got from the article. You should answer to questions with enough explanation and supports (you should able to persuade the audience why your answer is right)

You should write your answers based on the article and you need to research more information to give full answer and strong explanation of your answer.

3) Just write “2.” and answer to Student 2’s questions. 
It should follow instruction stated above too.

Below are two students’ article critique and questions.

1. Student 1
“Betts argued that to bring peace, UN and great powers, US in particular on this article, should inevitably choose sides when they intervene in disputes. However, Betts didn’t clarify how to choose the right side. He didn’t give any standards which intervenors should rely on when picking sides. In cases of civil wars, Betts argued that intervenors should support the mightiest of the rivals. However, what about in cases of international wars and disputes?

And on what grounds do great powers become intervenors in the first place? Betts explained that most international interventions were not driven by the material interests of the outside powers but by their moral interests: securing peace and justice. However, even great powers are just states seeking for their own material interests. How can we be 100% sure that great powers intervene in disputes out of pure moral interests?”

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