How can these processes be best implemented?

How can these processes be best implemented?

Discussion Questions ….Week 5

Nursing Research

· (answer these questions) What are some processes for applying nurse-sensitive performance reviews and quality indicators? How can these processes be best implemented? What is their effect on nursing research and practice?

· (by selecting 3 items from this list and also incorporating these questions into the answer) Select 3 items from the list below and explain how they can be used to support an evidence-based nursing practice. Which item is most relevant to your practice? Support your answers with specific examples.

National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC)

Cochrane Library collection
Integrative reviews
Systematic reviews
Metasummaries and metasynthesis
EBP Models and algorithms
Pilot the change in practice
Institute the change in practice
Monitor outcomes

Write your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Refer to the template on pages 618-619 in DeNisco and Barker (2013). Your CV should not exceed 2 pages in length.

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