Description E3: Problem-Solution Essay. In this research paper, you will research a problem in depth, analyze the current problem, and offer a practical solution. The goal of this essay is to discuss the flaws and shortcomings of the current solution sand find a practical solution that reduces/ minimizes the effects and consequences of the problem for the potential audience. • Length o 5-6 pages • Format o APA • Sources o At least 5 sources from the library databases o At least two of the sources should be journal articles o Other sources should be credible articles from journals and major, objective, credible publications found in the following databases:  Academic Search Complete  JSTOR  Opposing Viewpoints  Issues and Controversies  CQ Researcher • Topic: o An arguable topic, national or international, that is a current problem and you are able to discuss causes/ effects/ obstacles and offer practical solution(s) o Browse the topics in online databases such as opposing viewpoints & Issues and Controversies • Writing process o After choosing your topic, compose your research questions, annotated bibliography, rough draft, and final draft • Structure o Introduction  Introducing the problem and/ or providing background information ONLY on the problem; no mention of solution • Background information on the problem/ significance • Compare/ contrast the problem in present vs, past, or between two regions, countries, … • Potential audience • Narrative/ example of the problem • Thesis: o The problem/ a major reason for this problem and the significance of finding a practical solution(s) o Do not list the solutions in the thesis o Problem block (6-7 developed, argumentative paragraphs)  Definition and significance  Causes  Effects and consequences  Audience: concerns, objections, your response  Obstacles: why hasn’t this problem been solved yet? o Transitional paragraph (one brief paragraph)  Major points of the problem and the practical solution (one short paragraph—few sentences) o Solution block (3-4 paragraphs)  Current solution(s) and flaws/ shortcomings  Practical solution and benefits for the audience  Major objections/ myths/ concerns and responding to these points  Although the practical solutions might have minor flaws, Persuade the audience that the practical solutions are better than current solutions o Conclusion  Summarizing major points: • Problem and its significance, major practical solution to resolve this problem • If this problem is not solved, what could happen in future? Who, what will be affected? • Elements of an arguable paragraph: o Arguable topic sentence o Context o Evidence o Explanation o Concluding sentence/ transition • Rhetorical Appeals: o Ethos: credibility as a writer o Pathos: emotionally convincing your audience o Logos: Logically convincing your audience Can you go please search in Research Database from Lone Star website.

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