A comparative analysis of TWO HIP HOP ART WORKS (SONG, VIDEO, IMAGE, DANCE, ETC.) You may, also, compare a Hip Hop Art Work to another form of media or work of art, but one of your art forms must come from Hip Hop Culture. A peer-reviewed article from our City Tech online library or from an academic book (See Library Article Search Instructions Tab on Blackboard to search for articles.) AT LEAST 5 PARAGRAPHS, SHOULD HAVE A THESIS STATEMEN, QUESTION, NTRODUCTION (included thesis statemment), BODY (INCLUDE AT LEAST TWO QUOTATIONS, AT LEAST ONE PER TEXT). ELEMENT OR POINT, CONCLUSION HOW TO FIND ACADEMIC ARTICLES USING CITY TECH LIBRARY ONLINE 1.Go to CityTech Library Page: http://library.citytech.cuny.edu/ (Note: You can get to this page by typing “City Tech Library” into the search field of google or another search engine.) 2. Click on the phrase “Find Articles.” Note: “Find Articles” is the second phrase on the second blue bar near the top of the page. You will see a thick red bar with the name of the library. Beneath the thick red bar, you will see the first blue bar, which starts with the words “Home.” The second blue bar is a slightly lighter shade of blue and starts with the words “Find Books.” The phrase “Find Articles” is the second phrase on the second blue bar. 3. a. Click the latter “A” on the Find Articles page. (Note: This will open the “Resources Beginning With A” Page) b. (You may also want to look under Humanities and Social Science and Click African American Studies 4. If you click “A” – The First Two Databases are Academic OneFile and Academic Search Complete(Ebsco). Use either one of them as they are excellent databases. 5. After you have selected your databases enter your search terms in the empty field. 7. On the results page, you will see a list of the items discovered through your search. From there go to 8 or 9 8 Academic Search Complete(Ebsco): a On the left hand side of the results page, you will see a light blue box with the words “Refine Results” at the top b. Underneath the “Refine your results” click the box next to the third item, which states, “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals” so that a check mark appears and the entire box gets brighter c. If you only want to see articles that you can read online, click the box underneath the words “Full Text” so that a check mark appears in the box. d. Your results will show the scholarly articles in all of the City Tech Databases e. If you want to read an article, click on the name of the article. When it opens you will have the option of seeing a PDF by clicking on PDF on the Right Side. f. To email, print or send to a drive use the tools on the right hand side of the article

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