Heritage essay on USS Forrestal and how it affects modern damage control. in the US Navy

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A topic of the USS Forrestal incident describing the Forrestal event, discuss the lessons learned as they relate to damage control, then discuss how this event has impacted us through our approach to DC during such events as the USS Cole attack and how we train today.

This is a 3-4 page essay (excluding the title and references pages). Two MPs at a minimum and you will title them according to your content. Focus on MPs that provide a timeline, e.g., MP1 Background or Event, MP2 Importance, MP3 Heritage or Legacy. Remember that this is NOT a history report; this MUST tie into heritage. Why is this important today? What do we do today because of this? How has this shaped XYZ throughout the years?

***You have the creative freedom to title the MPs as you wish; make sure they are consistent in the Overview, TSs, Summary, and headings.

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