help with Gantt chart

I’m working on a Health & Medical exercise and need support.


there is a link below that explain how to do the work:…

Also the comment of my professor for the first draft to help out :

-I am guessing that you ran out of time to complete much work on the Gantt chart. . -In general, a Gantt chart is beneficial because it specifies timing for each of the tasks on the WBS and each of your project planning and follow-up activities (e.g., meeting weekly, preparing team tool drafts, editing the team tools, preparing and delivery the final presentation); so, I would start with updating your WBS, and then add its tasks to the Gantt chart, then add project planning and follow-up activities, and then review everything on the WBS and Gantt chart to make sure you do not want to add other items. . -Just a quick reminder (which you probably already know) – when revising the chart, if you come across a broad task that occurs over the entire project duration, then it is not that helpful to put it on the Gantt chart (because it is already specified on the WBS). If you do want to include it, it should be broken into sub-tasks. . – I expect you will have a full Gantt chart for the entire semester (i.e., all actual and hypothetical project planning, execution, and follow-up/close-out activities) that you will submit as your final version.

also I will provide you the important days to plug them in the chart

thank you

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