Hello. I have two papers to write for a hospitality class about event management. Can anyone get..

Hello. I have two papers to write for a hospitality class about event management. Can anyone get it done by tomorrow evening?
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Case Study Two – Events You should provide all of the following information. Format should be to number each part of the responses just as they are numbered below (1-7). If there are subparts such as in number 4 below, you must number each subpart. Decide a hypothetical event (ex. Wedding, trade show, music festival, family reunion, etc.) that you would like to work with in this and Case Study Two. Research the type of event by finding and reading at least four sources of information about the type of event. These do not have to be research articles. They can be for example books about weddings or internet articles about trade shows. You do need to state in two or three sentences what you learned from each source. You must also reference the source according to APA style. In a paragraph, describe your event (what it is, where it will be, who will come, what will happen, etc.). State two items for each part of a SWOT analysis for your event. For example, if your event was an outside wedding in Olympic Centennial Park: Strengths (1) (example) Large open attractive space allowing for a large number of people (2) Weaknesses (1) (2) Opportunities (1) (2) Threats (1) (2) 5. You must have at least one food and beverage function at your event. For example the dinner at a wedding reception, a vendor dinner at a trade show, entertainer’s dinner at a music festival, etc. For this food and beverage event, you must complete a detailed Banquet Event Order (BEO). You may use the textbook or the internet for examples of banquet event order (BEO) formats or forms. List the steps of coordination/execution for your event. This is a rather extensive list. You might think of this as a check list of things to do for your event. Evaluation of the completed event is very important. Explain how you could evaluate the success or failure of your event? Case Study Three must be submitted via Drop Box by March 27, 2015..

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