Heart Rate and Blood Pressure as Vital Signs Quiz

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Quiz Practice Questions:

1. What is a baroreceptor?

2. Explain the baroreceptor reflex arc.

3. the lowest heart rate that is measured after the stimulus has been delivered is called….?

4. Why does this super low heart rate occur after the stress response? How does it cause fainting?

5. What happened to systolic, diastolic pressure, MAP and HR when the subject was exposed to the cold shock? What system was activated by this cold shock? Why is this response useful in a stressful situation?

6. What is stroke volume? How can the body alter stroke volume?

7. What is cardiac output. How is cardiac output calculated?

8. List the factors that affect the force of resistance against blood flow. HOW do they affect flow?

9. Describe the changes we see in the CV system during exercise. (pressure, heart rate, SV etc)

10. What is compliance? elastance?

11. If compliance goes down (artery gets stiff) explain what happens to blood pressure and heart health.

12. What happens in atherosclerosis? What effect does this have on the health of the CV system?

13. In congestive heart failure (where the strength of each beat is reduced), what do we expect to happen to HR?

14. What happens to Cardiac Output, BP and heart rate during exercise? As such, which branch of the nervous system is responsible for these changes?

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