Health Behavior Change Research

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  1. Knowledge is power, and in this assignment, you will do research on the personal health behavior you have made a contract to change and write a short research paper about this. Important life skills include finding and understanding health information, analyzing the validity of health information sources, and using that information; all components of health literacy. National University has prepared a resource for COH 100 students to learn more about their personal health. This guide is found the the Left-hand navigation column of Blackboard. Find and click on Library Resources- this will take you to the NU library and a page where you will see a link to COH 100 Personal Health resources. Go to that link, then click on one of the topic areas of health that most closely fits your health behavior. There are many types of resources available, including videos, web page links, and articles from academic journals. You will use the NU Library resource to find 2 reputable sources of information about your topic; One must be an article from a reputable source. Study that information and use it to prepare a 1-2 page paper on your topic. 1)Introduction: Include an introductory paragraph. Include a description of the health behavior you are trying to change and any related health issue that is related to that behavior. Describe why you decided to try and make this change.
    2) Research Summary: Include at least one paragraph for each resource you studied (At least two total) Each paragraph includes a summary of the source you studied and include one thing you learned from this research that you didn’t already know or some new perspective that you gained. 3) Conclusion: One paragraph will be a conclusion about what you learned. This is not a summary of the research. It is intended to be your own original thoughts about the topic, based on what you learned. (Some suggestions : You might include how you might change your steps to achieving your goal, a reflection on the health issue, or some insight you can use for future behavior change or to help another who is making change. You are expected to cite your sources using a standard citation format; APA format preferred. Please include direct links to these articles in the National University library. You may not include links outside of NU for this paper.You will be graded on how well you summarized – in your own words-what you learned from each resource

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