HCAD 701 – Fall 2018 AP2: Organizational Behavior in Health Care

Below are your guidelines for your Final Paper assignment. This assignment will require devoted inquiry, reflection, and refinement in order to achieve the highest possible score. This is only one of your two major grades and your quality of work needs to reflect the importance of the assignment. You will have the opportunity to choose from the following topics. HOWEVER, you ONLY PICK and WRITE about ONE. This paper will be your unique, scholarly contribution. With each option, I am just giving you a broad topic.


It is up to you to address the topic but support it with empirical facts, theory, and a persuasive argument that is appropriate for a Master’s level program. All papers have to be written in third person – think of this as a formal, practitioner based paper. As this is a formal, practitioner paper – all names need to be left out (with the exception of Option #1) and you cannot disparage existing and/or previous organizations. You cannot say “I hated manager A because he/she was mean.” You could say “Manager A was an example of a poor leader because of his/her attitude that was…” You do NOT have to submit in an abstract or title page. The paper should consist of at a minimum: Introduction, Body of Paper (multiple sections to address specific aspects), Discussion, Conclusion, and References.

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