HCA333 Position Paper

 In this module, you are going to submit the first of four short Position Papers (600-words minimum). In each Position Paper you will read the scenario and present a position on that issue. All Position Papers shall cite a minimum of three sources. One of the sources must be from the text, one must be an Internet source (with hyperlink) and the third may be chosen from any source (print, personal experience, Internet, learned treatise, journal, etc.). You shall cite each source in APA format. New medical treatments, by strict definition, are not the “current medical practice.” Should a physician be immune from liability for harm suffered from a patient who is among the first to be treated in a new and innovative manner in which the potential risks have not been discovered? Report on a new and possibly innovative medical treatment (i.e., medication or medical procedure, diagnostic tests, etc.) where there exist uncharted waters about the possible outcome. Review carefully the Perez case and the Hardi case as a starting point. Textbooks: Furrow, B. R., Greaney, T. L., Johnson, S. H., Jost, T. S., & Schwartz, R. L. (2013). Health law(7th ed.). St. Paul, MN: Thomson-West Publishing. ISBN-10: 0-314-18474-0; ISBN-13: 978-0-314-26509-8

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