Prompt:Your choice!Requirements:•1200 word minimum•underline your thesis!•a minimum of 4 sources••Begin with what others say about your topic(“they say”)•Use quote sandwiches (introduce the quote, namingthe person you’re quoting èinclude the quote èexplain what the quote means in your own words) •Remind readers of what others are saying at various points throughout your essay•Clearly expresswhether you agree, disagree, or bothto those you are responding to (“I say”)•Make sure that your argument (your “I say”) and the argument you are responding to (the “they say”) addresses the same topic or issue. Make sure not to go off on a tangent and confuse the reader.•Includea naysayer or a possible objection to your argument•Usemetacommentaryto explain what you mean (or don’t mean) after you make a point.Use phrases like “in other words” or “don’t get me wrong.” •Includea title that tells the readers what your main point or issue is.Consider also adding a subtitle. (ex: The Dangers of Materialism: Why Overvaluing Things Leads to an Unhappy Life)•Includetransitions to show how your ideas relate to one another•Showwhy your argument matters.Don’t assume readers will see why your argument is important or why they should care. Be sure that you have answered “so what?” and “who cares?”•Include a works cited list at the end of your essay Use the templates!Pg. 293-306(pg. 309-320 in 4thedition)includes all of the templates in a list format. Bookmark these pages!!!•Proofreadyour essay before turning it in!Read it silently to yourself at least 3 times, outloud at least once, and try to get someone else to read it for you.

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