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This requirement is based upon individual independent research, self-reflection,

and critical thinking in reference to the advantages and disadvantages of Globalization.

The objective of this exercise is for each student to present the pros and cons of

Globalization from an American perspective while taking a position at the conclusion of

the paper. This is accomplished with a product that is concise, factual, and logical. Each

student is expected to use the American Psychological Association (APA) 6thEdition

format -font size of 12, New Times Roman, double spaced, running head

for a total not to exceed six pages including the title page and references. The minimum requirement for relevant and credible references is three Specifically, pages reflect the following:

Page One- Title Page (No Abstract)

Pages Two – Five Main Body:




Page Six- References

The standard for instructor review and grading includes the following:

1. Organization

(Paragraph Structure and Transitions, Logical Presentation of

Ideas) – 3 Points

2. Understanding

(Implications and/or Conclusions Based on the Analysis

Presented) – 3 Points

3. References (Minimum of Three, Varied Sources, Relevant, Credible) – 1 Point

4. Mechanics (Spelling, Grammar) – 3 Points

5. Overall Format (Style in conformance with APA 6 th Edition) – 5Points

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