Global Social Change & Development Powerpoint Presentation on Human tra?cking


Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that describes how an event has unfolded and its relevance to global social change. The presentation should explicitly explain how the events unfold, or compare them to other events.

A global news story is one that involves people or structures in at least two countries, but not necessarily every area of the globe. It can be regional in nature, focusing, for instance, on the European Union, South America, or Sub-Saharan Africa. It may be linked to politics, but may also be in business, science, crime, pop culture, etc. Some examples may include the development of a vaccine for a pandemic (such as AIDS, ebola, malaria); expansion of/negotiations to solve a conflict; developments in international drug trafficking; an international sports event (the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup); etc.

In addition to being international in nature, the event needs to involve a component of social change. Meaning, this event/situation/phenomenon needs to change society in some explicit way that is discussed in the news. For instance, diseases and natural disasters may change the demographics of a nation and affect its economy. An international sports event may be significant because it is the first time to be held in a particular nation, and this has symbolic meaning beyond who wins and who loses (think about the rugby world cup in South Africa).

Students need to rely on reputable news sources, such as news agencies, mainstream newspapers, and mainstream news channels, to gather information. Their sources should be based in at least three different countries/regions, in order to get a variety of points of views.

Standard plagiarism rules will apply to the presentation. To cite and list sources in their presentation, Sociology students are required to use ASA format.

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