Ghostts of Rwanda: Discussion questions journal

It has to be 2 pages minimum.
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Ghosts of Rwanda: Group Discussion – 2 Pages Minimum 1) Discuss the following questions as starting points: ??What had the most impact for you in the film? ??What did you learn from watching the film? 3) Discuss the following questions: ??Who in the film do you think might be haunted by “the ghosts of Rwanda?” Why? ??Some of those involved have suggested that racism may have been a factor in the international community’s decision not to intervene in Rwanda. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why? ??At what points could someone have intervened and possibly changed the history of the genocide? ??Why was the Red Cross more effective in Rwanda than the U.N.? Discuss: ??One incident in which they believe the participants acted correctly ??One incident in which they might have done something different than the participants ??Which forces constrained some people from doing what they believed was right ??Which forces allowed some participants to do what they believed was right 2) Discuss the following quotation: “If you don’t at least speak out clearly, you are participating in the genocide. … If you just shut up when you see what you see — morally and ethically you can’t shut up. It’s a responsibility to talk.” – Philippe Gaillard, director of the Red Cross in Rwanda during the genocide. ??Why did so few people, in and out of Rwanda, speak out? ??What happened when people did speak out?

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