Geographical Distribution

You should read chapter 11-12 of origin of species and choose a specific topic from chapter 10, and discuss using more than 3 sources to help in discussion and subheading. The purpose of a scientific paper is to convey the details of an experiment or study in a logical, concise and unambiguous manner. For this class, we will be writing review papers so the format should consist of Introduction, 2-3 subheadings related to the topic, Discussion, and Literature Cited 1. IntroductionThe Introduction is a statement of the objectives of the paper with relevant background material. In the introduction you should provide a justification for writing the paper; why is the topic of interest to science? 2.The sub-topics are specific examples or ideas related to the overall topic. They should all be related to the overall theme of the paper, not be disjointed descriptions of the first three scientific papers that you found related to the topic. 3. DiscussionThe Discussion is your interpretation of the results of the study, their significance, and their place in the context of other studies. With this section, you should answer the general question: What do your findings mean and how do they contribute to the body of scientific knowledge? Also, the discussion is where you answer the specific question(s) you stated in the Introduction. Do not repeat the results of the studies here, but instead discuss their importance and relevance to your objectives stated in the introduction. Other things that could be included are future questions, what do we still not know about the subject and new lines of research that could broaden our knowledge of the subject. 4. Literature Cited Any fact presented in your report must be supported by evidence. In this case that will take the form of citations from the primary literature. When you cite a paper you provide the author(s) and year the paper was published. The most important thing is there is a connection in the essay between the subheading and a strong introduction.

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