GEOG 120 Weather&Climate

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Wind roses are constructed to help visualize common wind speeds and direction data over a specified time period. Figure 6.27 in Chapter 6 Essentials of Meteorology: An Invitation to the Atmosphere, 8th Edition, shows a wind rose example from Louisville, KY. Remember winds are measured in the direction the wind is blowing from. This means when a meteorologist tells us today’s wind direction is south, we can make an inference about what the temperature and conditions might be for that day. Here in the northeast, a south wind usually brings with it warmer and more humid air. If we were expecting winds to change to north, how might you expect temperature to change? You should also notice on the Louisville wind rose that the triangular “petals” that indicate wind direction are all different lengths. What does the length of the petal tell the reader? The longer the petal, the more frequent the wind comes from that direction. Wind speed on the figure is indicated by color.

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