Geochemistry of laterite

 Chose a specific geochemical topic that will be your topic. You must use and reference at least 3 papers from journals; preferably you should read 6-8 articles or sections of books. The typed paper should be 4-8 pages only (not including references).  Be brief, concise, and to the point. You will need to address the aspects listed below, but the paper should be written like a long essay or short scientific note (no fictional stories please).The paper should include: an introduction; description of the geochemical problem or topic; and discussion of possible solutions, models, etc.. You may want to include maps, graphs, data tables, etc..In a complex area, you need not discuss every single possibility. You can single your discussion down to one view, area, geochemical process, etc..Remember the idea is to be as complete as possible, but brief. Use your text as a reference for understanding, in general, the topic you chose. our book’s name is ( principles and applications of geochemistry by gunter faure ). discuss how and where laterite form and what kind of deposit they can leave behind and so on. minimum of 4 sources.

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