Generally speaking, assessment involves collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting and

Generally speaking, assessment involves collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting and organizing results. A typical activity that school counselors often engage in is the delivery of classroom guidance lessons. In school counseling, assessment helps establish priorities that guide a school counselor when constructing a Classroom Guidance Lesson Plan, which is a component of a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program.

To effectively deliver a Classroom Guidance Lesson Plan and to address the developmental needs of every student, the school counseling program must be effectively and efficiently managed. One way to accomplish this is to first assess student needs. The assessment findings help school counselors identify strengths and weaknesses of the program and provide direction for continued improvement.

For this Assignment, review the Classroom Guidance Lesson Plan you created in Week 8. You consider the need for this plan. Finally, you design strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan once it has been delivered.

Assignment: (2–3 pages)

Using the Classroom Guidance Lesson Plan you created in Week 8:
    Describe the rationale for evaluating the guidance lesson plan. Explain the significance of evaluation.
    Briefly explain how you might assess the effectiveness of a guidance lesson plan at the individual student level.

Support your Assignment with specific references to resources, using appropriate APA format and style. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the resources for this course.

Document Preview:

CLASSROOM GUIDANCE LESSON PLAN Leonda Curtis Walden University Classroom Guidance Lesson Plan Title: Career Goals. ASCA Domain Addressed: Career Development. Grade Level: 5th grade. Goals/Objectives: Children will identify different careers they like from job song. Children will discuss different celebrities and their careers. Children will explore different classroom jobs and demonstrate roles to be played in each. Estimated Time: 40 Minutes. Materials: Video presentation: Jobs Song | What Do You Want to Be? (English Tree TV, 2016). Classroom jobs list cards (Lewis, 2018). Portraits of different celebrities and their careers (Leopold, 2013). Projector. Procedures: Sing job song together with children. Ask each child to identify the career he or she likes from the song. Let the children form a groups of four or five to discuss the career of their choice. Ask children to name any celebrity having career of their choice. Display portraits of different celebrities and let children identify them by their careers. Display list of https://www…com/lesson-action-plan-activities-for-multiple-intelligences/classroom jobs with their roles on the whiteboard. For example, librarian will be in charge of classroom library. Distribute cards of classroom jobs one per child then let them demonstrate their classroom job. Closure: Ask children to identify different types of career learnt during the lesson. Ask children to explain the roles each will play in their classroom job. For example, what will be the role of a classroom energy monitor? Ask children to name different celebrities and their careers. Evaluation: Ask the child who picked the following classroom job cards to come infront of the class; librarian, chalkboard eraser, energy monitor, door monitor, and trash monitor. Ask them to demonstrate their roles. Observe their demonstrations and awards marks on five scales as; “Excellent,” “very good,” “good,” “fair,” and “poor.” Teaching Tips: Instead of student forming groups of four or five, they should be paired to make…

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