Gender Discrimination and Equality in India

Project Background Gender inequality is one of the world’s most controversial and multifaced issues of all time. While many countries around the world still face these issues today, India has continuously ranked as one of the top countries most impacted by these sex-selective practices. Gender inequalities exist in various factors such as political rights, educational attainment, health options, economic advantages, and even mental well-being. Gender disparities remain regardless of India’s constitutional rights granting both men and women equality. Law and order have not changed the culture that has been implemented for thousands of years, why? India has been known to lead a patriarchal social system in which men are favored and are gifted authority from birth. Project Scope The plan to tackle the various causes and solution to this vast issue will have to entail implementing a few different factors. By closely analyzing India’s law and order regarding gender discrimination, you will be able to develop a background and reasoning to their extensive discriminatory practices. Prior to developing a possible solution, you will be examining critical issues such as: Career or educational opportunities (including wages) Sex-selective abortions (child sex ratios) Gender-based violence Health and mental health factors Political inequalities Property rights (access to credit) Marriage laws Opposing side: Male discrimination

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