From Disturbed Sites to Green Land

 With Elizabeth Meyer’s “Uncertain Parks: Disturbed Sites, Citizens, and Risk Society” in mind, you’ll consider these study sites through one of the course’s major themes: the relationship between a landscape’s design and its complicated, often disturbed history. – Comparing and contrasting two places is not as straightforward as making a list of similarities and differences. – Examining two designs in relation to each other is a way of distilling, defining and analyzing their essential qualities and possibilities. – Comparing Corktown Common in Toronto with the Fresh Kills Park in New York. They are both recreated from the wasteland. (Remediate brownfield) – Corktown Common: Established in Toronto’s waterfront area (built on the West Don Lands), surrounded by communities and high-rises. Has special functions as flood prevention and stormwater management. Fresh Kills Park: is located on the northwestern of Staten Island in New York. Was used as a landfill place for many years before 2001. Now become one of the largest public parks in NY. – There are some points from Meyer’s essay can be used, “It is tempting for designers of large parks built on abandoned industrials sites to heroicize the buildings and machines that remain.” and “Technology doesn’t simply transform nature into commodities; it cycles back new and often toxic byproducts into nature.” “We nees design strategies that make visible the past connections between individual human behavior, collective identity, and these larger industrial and ecological processes.”

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