French Film Analysis;To compare/contrast/analyze TWO of the assigned films, aiming for appropriate application of basic theories of critical interpretation in the humanities, to help students develop the ability to construct their own artistic, literary

Term Paper/

PICK ONLY 2 OF THE French Films:
The Golden Age of French Cinema: La Règle du jeu

French Surrealist Cinema: La Belle et la bête

French Comedy: Les Vacances de M. Hulot

The Post-War Years / Les Diaboliques

The Years of the French New Wave: Les 400 Coups

The French New Wave, cont. / A Bout de souffle

French Cinema of the 70s / Le Cercle rouge

French Cinema of the 1980’s/”Cinéma du Look”: Diva

French Cinema of the 1980’s, cont.: Le Rayon vert

French Cinema of the 1980’s, cont. Cyrano de Bergerac


You are required to 
write a 3-4page term paper/film analysis (excluding bibliography). The standard is approximately 300 words per page or approximately 1,000-1,200 words total. The paper is to be typed, double spaced, 12 pt font, with 1” margins in MS WORD .
In this paper, you are asked

1.To choose ONE of the themes
listed below:
b.Greed/ Gluttony
e.Deception / Self-Deception
f. Refusal / Rejection

2. To compare/contrast/analyze TWO of the 
assigned films, aiming for appropriate application of 
basic theories of critical interpretation in the humanities, to help students develop the ability to construct their own artistic, literary, philosophical, religious, linguistic, 
and/ or historical interpretations according to the standards of a humanistic discipline;and

3. To use knowledge gleaned from the readings to inform your critical analysis of all of the assigned films
You are to focus on the films themselves AND to integrate some research resources, including books, articles and scholarly web materials, to inform your analysis.

Your textbook is a good resource on how 
to write / structure the paper.BE PROACTIVE: You may need to get materials through Inter library 
Loan, so you want to leave yourself enough time to obtain the materials.

: This is a university level film analysis, not a film review, not a personal response paper, and not a 
plot summary. Be mindful of your reader (me) and make sure that your analysis is understandable substantive,logical, and convincing. DO NOT make your reader do the work of sorting out what you are 
proposing to discuss and prove.

A one two paragraph introduction identifying the 
film,directors and release dates,including a 
statement of the thesis of your paper and
an outline/road map of your argument.

Rich and organized 
development of your thesis with (typically) THREE substantive supporting arguments.
Effective use of any research sources you have consulted (books, articles, and web sites, excluding
Wikipedia). FSU has a subscription to JSTOR and 
Project MUSE online resources.

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