Formative Assessment ( SPSS )

 MSc in Social Science Research Methods, 2018-19 Quantitative Research Methods (BST215) Individual Assignment – Formative Assessment You are invited to produce a report, setting out the analyses of the attached dataset in no more than 1000 words. You are encouraged to further research and expand the dataset developing insights into various issues hinted at in the existing data. Main objective: To demonstrate ability to maintain a linked set of statistical investigations into what is really going on in the data, and to find / discover / invent fresh questions to be asked of it. Guidelines: The statistics should be professionally performed, with supporting graphical devices to aid understanding. The rationale for analyses and the findings themselves should be cogently described, and where appropriate students should manifest critical awareness of alternative ways of analysis that they did not follow. The report should be well organized with Tables and Figures numbered and labelled, written clearly in simple English. The report should therefore reflect, in microcosm, the kind of content and presentation that might appear in chapter(s) of a PhD thesis. Although in principle, the investigation may be self-contained with no real need to read around about the context of the problem, you are free to do so. Assessment Assignments will be evaluated in terms of: Content (Competence in recognition and diagnosis of cues and issues identified in the dataset; quality and originality of analyses; critical discussion of themes and issues unveiled by the analyses) Structure (extent of coverage, quality of integration) and Presentation (Clarity of communication, creativity, referencing) Please note: This is an individual assignment and co-operation between students is considered unfair practice, as is the use of parts of published, Internet or other material as their own, without proper referencing and quotes when needed. Students in doubt are advised to study the relevant section on Referencing, Plagiarism and Unfair Practice in the Study Skills section on Learning Central. You need to use SPSS to do this report.

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