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Answer any ONE of the following essay questions. Essay should be 3-5 pages, 1.5 spaced and in 11-point font. Make sure you answer every part of the question.

You should have an identifiable thesis and an evidence to support your answer. Please provide proper citation and references.

  1. Research seems to suggest that as liberal economic policies begin to dominate the international arena it is the elite that seem to benefit while the working class is witnessing an increase in poverty. In other words, Washington Consensus seems to be increasing the gap between the rich and poor not just between the developed and developing countries but also within countries, both developed and developing. Provide evidence to support the above statement. What can be done to counter this trend? Give reasons to support your answer.
  1. In the past, countries have used different approaches to development (economic liberal perspective, import substitution, export promotion, self-reliance (mixed approach). However, there is no consensus on the best model that would lead to sustained growth. The matter is further complicated by the need for sustainable development that would keep concerns about the environment at the center of development debate. What path do you see forward for countries pursuing strategies for growth and development? Use examples to support your answer. Can the IMF/World Bank and or New Development Bank play an important role in this pursuit?

Only journal articles or books will count towards your sanctioned number of sources.

I will attach the one of required books the other book is Real World Globalization

Edited by Armağan Gezici, Elizabeth T. Henderson, Jawied Nawabi, and the Dollars & Sense collective

real world globalization cover

Edition: 17th

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