Description Assessment 3 : Final Project Type of Assessment : Research Project Assessment tool : Power point presentation Format : 24 minimum points Presentation length : 10-15 minute (oral presentation) Description: – This is an individual project. Each learner will 1. Design the quality improvement project. Learners will develop an FOCUS PDCA cycle as an improvement methodology that organisation can use to guide their improvement efforts. 2. Learners need to find opportunity for improvement and apply FOCUS PDCA methodology. 3. Problem can be real-life event or fiction; derived from the imagination or both. Assessment Text Assess the quality improvement program in institution of your choice. Methodically Tasks: 1. Identify problem as well as implementation details. 2. Methodically discuss process of problem solving 3. Present data in appropriate format 4. Analyze and interpret data 5. Present conclusions and recommendations 6. Use appropriate references 7. Use APA reference format 8. Prepare power point presentation, for oral presentation ——————————————————————– Summary about my field of work and a few pointers. In my research project, my position in the organization will be of a senior purchasing officer in Supply Chain Management. My topic for this research project “is examining delays in the delivery of items under supply management”. Currently, I work as Senior Purchasing Officer in the purchasing department of Tawam hospital. This hospital is a part of a network of public hospitals under the ownership of the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. In our organization we run every month report calling (Over Due PO’S) meaning all the purchasing order delays from suppliers.In cases, the first step is to contact the suppliers to deliver the items A.S.A.P .if he accepts, he schedules for delivery but also we retain a certain percentage from their payment a penalty.. If the supplier rejects to deliver, then we buy from other supplier against his account.

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