Topic For this paper, you will pick your own topic, but you must write about 3 texts from The Norton Introduction to Literature or any outside sources (1 Fiction, 1 Drama, and 1 Poem). This is not a report or summary paper; instead, it is an argumentative paper about a limited topic. Some possible research topics: History Comparisons with Contemporary and Popular Culture Good and Evil Difference and Diversity Gender Visual and Auditory Literacy Abuse, Suffering, and Trauma Authority, Submission, and Resistance Beauty and Art Bildungsroman City life and Urban Landscape Death and Dying Domestic Life Family Relations Fathers and Fatherhood Mothers and Motherhood Romantic Love, Sexuality, and Marriage Requirements Your research paper must: Be at least 12 pages of written text Contain at least 8 scholarly sources integrated into the text Contain a Works Cited page Be written in proper MLA format Guidelines Because you have the freedom to choose the way in which to explore your topic, Write about something that deeply interests you. That said, however, there are some restrictions and limits. Your topic must be about something where you can access resources. Additionally, your topic must be approved by and in consultation with me. Research Thesis Example By examining the traditions, the beliefs, and the laws on how ‘revenge’ was perceived during Shakespeare’s writing of Hamlet, versus Dickinson’s modern and delicate perspective in “Mine Enemy is growing old –”, the narrator’s perception of ‘revenge’ hinges on the history that came before, the current moral dilemmas of contemporary society, and the practices that keep a soul’s beliefs on the path toward salvation.

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