Family case study

Description This is a complicated case study. You do not need to talk about every family member or every relationship. Most students choose a few family members/relationships to concentrate on in their paper. Include: • Introduction: Briefly introduce the family. You do not need to mention every family member individually. Give an overall description of the family and a couple of the things that they are struggling with that you plan to talk more about in your paper. • Demands: Discuss needs, wants, goals and/or problems (from the family’s perspective). You do not need to mention every family member. Choose at least three specific family members to describe. Do individual family members have different ideas about needs versus wants? Do they have different goals? Were there within person or between person goal conflicts? Be sure to be clear about the difference between needs and wants and between goals and problems. Don’t lump them all together. • Values: Choose at least three specific family members and list at least five values for each of them using one-word ideals. Were there any within person or between person value conflicts? Did values change across time? Label different kinds of values using words like intrinsic/extrinsic, absolute/relative, etc. Discuss how values are affect resource management in this family. • Resources: Use the resource table to discuss the most important resources they did or did not have and how they used the resources that they had available to them before and after stressor events. Could they have used their resources differently to achieve a better outcome? Were there resources they should have developed but did not? Do not just list all of the resources, try to synthesize. Look for patterns. Include an analysis of utility, what did they use well and what they could have done better. Were there things that they could not develop or did not have access to because of structural inequality? • Decision making: How did the family make decisions? Give a specific example of when the family used (or should have used) social, economic and technical decision making (at least one example of each). If they should have done a certain type of decision making and did not, you can use that as an example. • Communication, power, planning/implementing/evaluating. Use at least 5 specific terms from the communication/power class materials and 5 specific terms from the planning/ implementing/evaluating class materials to talk about these concepts. You may use terms and concepts from the book Scarcity as part of your discussion of planning and implementing. Questions to ask yourself might include–how did power affect resource management in the case? Describe the family’s communication using specific class concepts? Was there planning and implementing? Why or why not? • Eco-systemic context-What external forces are acting on this family system and affecting resource management? Did structural inequality or systemic bias affect opportunities that were available (or not available) to them? Talk about the ways that this family system interacted with other systems—for example, immigration, health care, social welfare, education, employment, etc… • Conclusion-What worked/what did not and why? What were some of this family’s strengths and limitations? If you were going to work with this family, what steps might you take? What would you have them concentrate on first?

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