Extending a research proposal

This paper is a total 7-8 pages complete research paper. Including revised 4 pages of already written research proposal and 3-4 pages new material extended from the exact same sources used in the first research proposal paper which was about The Role of Diet and Nutrition in Athletes’ Performance. I will upload my research proposal file as well. These are the sources should be used. 1- Kalpakçıoğlu, Banu B. “Nutrition in Sportsmen.” Romatizma/Rheumatism, vol. 23, no. 1, Mar. 2008, pp. 24–27. 2-Oger, A., and J. M. Coudreuse. “Nutrition Best Practices of Endurance Sportsmen: Myth and Reality.” Annals of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine, vol. 57, May 2014, pp. e271–e272. 3-Oliveira, C., Ferreira, D., Caetano, C., Granja, D., Pinto, R., Mendes, B., . . . Clemente, F. (2017). Nutrition and Supplementation in Soccer. Sports,5(2), Sports, 2017, Vol.5(2). 4-Raizel, Raquel, et al. “Pre-Season Dietary Intake of Professional Soccer Players.” Nutrition and Health, vol. 23, no. 4, Dec. 2017, pp. 215–222. This assignment is a continuation of the work you on research proposal. This assignment asks you to make sense of that research by following the two-step process outlined below. Step 1: Please respond to the following questions: 5. What did you discover about your topic after carefully and thoroughly reading the four articles you chose to pursue? In other words, what are your findings?As you respond to this question, you should not only reveal your discoveries, but also suggest (a) whether these discoveries confirmed or subverted your expectations and (b) how they might support or challenge popular or “common sense” understandings of your topic (as you discussed when completing question #2 of your proposal). 6. If you were to use the research you conducted here to develop a larger and more formal project appropriate for your major field of study, (a) what form or genre would your writing take and (b) what method would you use? Would you expand your work to develop a case study?…an ethnography?…a comparative analysis?…a theorem?…a literature review…a lab experiment?…something else entirely? Would your method or approach rely on a series of interviews…empirical data collection…qualitative or quantitative analysis? Please justify your choice of genre and method by briefly explaining their appropriateness within the context of your discipline. 7. If you pursued this larger, more formal project, how would you structure it in accordance with the conventions of your discipline?Please be as detailed as possible here and explain exactly how you would organize your paper: e.g., “After composing my abstract, I would include an introduction that __________________________. Next, in my methods section, I would ________________________________________________________________.” Step 2: Please work toward combining the material from your Unit 2 proposal with the material you’ve generated in response to the questions above. To be clear: the goal here is to combine your two papers into one holistic, unified paper that reads like a single narrative. Your story should begin with why you wanted to conduct research, carry through to your findings, and end with the description of how you would present these findings in a formal paper. In order to complete this assignment successfully, you’ll need to do more than simply cut and paste material. I’d recommend that you reread your proposal—including my suggestions for revision—and then rework and revise this material so that it flows cohesively as you put the two parts together.

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