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I just want the answer in a simple language means easy to understand and remember. pls don’t use any hard vocabulary
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This examination consists of 3 parts to be answered: Part A: One (1) question worth a total of 16 marksPart B: Four (4) questions worth a total of 32 marksPart C: Two (2) questions worth a total of 12 marksTotal marks: 60 PART A Your answer should be at least two pages of average handwriting.It should focus on answering the question. It does not need an introduction. QUESTION 1 (16 marks) 300 words Does business (in Australia, the USA, or your own country) have too much power over government and society? OR QUESTION 2 (16 marks) 300 words (a) What problems does corporate behavior cause for governments and societies? (b) How do governments and societies deal with those problems? Make sure you discuss the viewpoint expressed in the film, The Corporation. PART B QUESTION 3 (8 marks) 150 Choose a recent community or social movement, from Australia, the United States, or your own country. (a) What are its main objectives? (b) What methods has it used to achieve its objectives? (c) To what extent does the experience of this movement illustrate, or challenge, Tim Gee’s theory of counterpower? QUESTION 4 (8 marks) 100 words (a) What is fiscal policy? (b) What are some of the key elements of fiscal policy in Australia & the United States, or your own country)? QUESTION 5 (8 marks) 100 words How is liberalism different from social democracy? In your answer, give a few examples of liberal policies and social democratic policies QUESTION 6 (8 marks) 100 words What are some of the differences between the system of responsible government in Australia and the system of presidential government in the United States? QUESTION 7 (8 marks) 100 words In his book, Supercapitalism, Robert Reich criticises corporate social responsibility. What is his argument? Do you agree? QUESTION 8 (8 marks) 150 words (a) What are sectional interest…

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