Ethnic, Race, and Violence political science

Description Directions: Pick a contemporary (ongoing or taking place within the past 5 years) case with a pattern of ethnic or racial violence that interests you. Research this case by drawing on at least four journalistic accounts, academic articles and books, and reports by NGOs (e.g. the UN) or activists (e.g. Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch). Two of these sources must be academic/scholarly works. Drawing on this research answer the following questions: 1) Characterize the ethnic/racial boundary along which the violence occurs in terms of the components of social boundaries. (½ to 1 page) (3 points) 2) Describe the all four aspects pattern of violence (or patterns, if that is relevant). (½ to 1 page)  3) Based on the definition of ethnic/racial violence used in the course and details about the violence, give a detailed explanation for why the violence in your case should be classified as “ethnic” or “racial”. (½ to 1 page)  4) Write a short essay answering the following question: Has the use of media contributed the ethnic violence in this case? Why or why not? You must explicitly argue how media effects on persuasion and coordination have or have not contributed to violence, and, if yes, describe the kinds of frames that were used. You should cite course materials on these points where appropriate (see requirements for Assignment 3). (2-4 pages) 5) Imagine you are an activist or working for an NGO. Making explicit reference to the readings by Keck and Sikkink, McAdam, Paluck, and Stephan and Chenoweth, propose a strategy for a campaign that uses either the media or media attention to reduce conflict and argue why this particular strategy would be effective. It is permissible to suggest something similar to what has already been done in the case you research, but you must explain the strategy in terms of the readings and argue why you think it would be/was effective. (2-4 pages) 

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