Ethic for the information age

Description ESSAY QUESTIONS QUESTION 3: Identify three functions that professional codes of ethics serve within our society. Discuss, providing three different examples, how codes of ethics like the Software Engineering Code of Ethics can help minimize the existence of bugs (errors) in safety critical software applications that can have disastrous effects, either killing or severely injuring people. QUESTION 4:  While waiting for an appointment with her physician, Jane Doe sees a brochure advertising a new surgical procedure in which a tiny microprocessor is implanted inside one’s skull just behind the left ear. The purpose of the chip is to help an individual associate names with faces. The procedure for inserting the chip is so simple that her physician performs it in his office. Because Jane is sales representative, she rationalizes that such a device could help her to earn higher sales commissions so she has her physician implant the chip. One month later, she develops tinnitus (a constant ringing) in both ears that will not go away. Assuming that the tinnitus is the sole result of the implanted chip, and not any other pre-existing medical condition, determine and discuss: 1) the physician’s accountability, and 2) the chip manufacturer’s accountability, both in terms of Deborah Johnson’s senses of responsibility. QUESTION 5: An employee of a leading pharmaceutical company informs his supervisor that a number of employees have unlicensed software installed on their office computers. The supervisor subsequently shares this information with the company’s chief information officer (CIO). Unbeknownst to the employees, members of the company’s IT staff then audit the firm’s computers, all of which are networked, over the following weekend. Analyze the rightness and/or wrongness of the IT staff’s actions from the four theoretical perspectives we have studied — Act Utilitarianism, Rule Utilitarianism, Kantianism, and Social Contract Theory.

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